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Aкадемического Совета по направлению «Энергетика»

         On the 15th of April, 2014 at Auezov South Kazakhstan State University Academic Council Organizational Meeting on electrical power engineering was held. During the meeting were discussed such questions as foundation and functioning of the Academic Council and its role in specialists preparation for internal and external labor market in energy branch. Also suggestions of participants were discussed about improving the quality of graduates and further steps of action.

     In meeting the following representatives of business took parts:  Director general of LP “Electroapparat plant” Suvorov A.S., Director general of  “Kentau transformer plant” Kuntuarov S.N. and academic branch: Vice Rector Zh. Aymenov, Dean of the faculty of Information Technologies G. Besbayev, Head of the department “Enegy power and alternative energy sources” A. Romanenko, senior lecturer of this department K. Karabayeva, Head of the academic mobility department U. Altayeva, Head of joint educational programs department L. Kulakova, senior specialist of joint educational programs department A. Beloborodova.

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