On October 25 within the celebration of the 75th anniversary of M. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University and in order to implement the direction of the Head of State’s Program “Look into the future: modernizing public consciousness” - the Cult of knowledge, the regional student conference “Support and Development of Intellectual Movement in the Region”.

The purpose of the event was to promote the formation of the intellectual potential of students; stimulation of research and educational activities of students; disclosure of creative abilities, selection and support of the most talented and gifted students; attracting students to solving scientific problems of our time.

The work of the conference included various areas: development of the intellectual potential of young people, institutionalized educational system, criminal law in the field of intellectual property, intellectual movement. Vivid creative projects of young scientists from the region were presented, which were able to show an increase in the intensification of research work and the quality of performance preparation.

The conference was opened by the reports of promising and creative teams of educational organizations showing a wide range of activities of student groups such as: “Youth – [not]only in science”, “Business-oriented science”, “Scientific education of youth”.

The conference also hosted the ceremony of awarding the results of the regional intellectual competition “Altyn Pyrak”, dedicated to the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Essay written by the author with a description and interpretation of the semantic meaning of state symbols, as well as interesting historical facts related to them were accepted for the competition. The co-organizers “Damu” Public Foundation focused on creating an intellectual and educational environment conducive to the development of intellectual potential, spiritual, moral and patriotic education among young people and also tested the knowledge of the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The winners were awarded with prizes.

In general, in the framework of the anniversary year – 2018 M. Auezov SKSU will hold a lot of activities that contribute to the development of high-quality scientific potential of Shymkent and promote the implementation of scientific projects of the young generation.