The winner of the annual inter-university contest of the club of funny and inventive people "Zhaidarman-2018" was named.

The results of the fourteenth in a row student competition "Zhaydarman" were summed up. The games of funny and inventive people that started from the beginning of the year were completed with final competitions, and the leaders for the year in each league were determined. "Major League" which became the main league of the competition held the final game on 14 December. In the final round the most worthy 5 teams from among 20 groups took part. Each star team that reached the final, during the competition, was able to develop its own individual style of humor and gather its own audience of fans.
So, in the final games the following teams competed with each other: “Themis” from Aktobe, “Borankul” from Mangystau, “Grant” from Uralsk, “SKSPU” and “Baidyn Balalary” from the third megacity. The long-awaited victory in 2018 was awarded to the team "Baidyn Balalary" from SKSU named after Auezov (for the first time in the history of the educational institution).