"Modern methods of teaching"

In order to fulfill the plan for upgrading the university's qualifications for the 2017-2018 academic year and ensuring continuous improvement of the professional competence of the faculty of the University, from June 4 to June 22, 2018, the planned courses of the Department for Advanced Training of Scientific and Teaching Personnel on the topic "Modern Teaching Methods" began.

At the advanced training courses, students get acquainted with new innovative teaching technologies and acquire the skills of using interactive methods based on modern methodological techniques and technologies in the learning process.

The program of the course is designed for 72 hours. Terms of training of the 1st group from 04.06-15.06.2018; ІІ group from 11.06-22.06.2018.

The curriculum includes the following modules:

  • Modern education system;
  • The technique of using interactive teaching methods in the University;
  • Organization of seminars based on the use of innovative teaching technologies;
  • Use of some methods of technology "Development of critical thinking through reading and writing" in the learning process;
  • Scientific and methodical work of the university teacher;
  • Educational and methodological support for the development of MOOK;
  • Use of modern teaching technology in inclusive education.