Meeting of the editorial board of the «QAZAQTANÝ» republican scientific journal

On February 11, 2020, at the M. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University was held a meeting of the editorial board of the «QAZAQTANÝ» republican scientific journal (there was a staff from Shymkent), negotiations had previously been held by the board from other cities of Kazakhstan and from abroad (Russian Federation, Uzbekistan).

Based on the «Rukhani Zhangyru» program, the republican scientific journal «QAZAQTANÝ» was revived in 2019, and stopped publishing in 2012 from the scientific journal «QAZAQTANY» (certificate No. 17493-J of January 30, 2019 of the Committee of Information of the Ministry of Information and Communications Republic of Kazakhstan).

The journal publishes the results of scientific research in the humanitarian, pedagogical, philological and creative fields and is included in the RSCI database (agreement No. 260 of 07/05/2019). At the same time, the name in the Latin script of the Kazakh language was changed - «QAZAQTANÝ».

The magazine is the only publication that provides scientific support for the program «Rukhani Zhangyru»  with a republican status. In this regard, and, on the basis of order No. 9-Ө dated January 10, 2020, «QAZAQTANÝ» was transferred from the management of the research department to the project office of «Rukhani Zhangyru» SKSU named after M. Auezov, which became the main basis for the preparation and further distribution among universities and the scientific community of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

At a meeting of the editorial board:

- an introduction was made to the new composition of the editorial board, which was changed (out of 38 people) supplemented by the qualitative and quantitative composition of the humanitarian (history of Kazakhstan, history, ethnology, cultural studies, philosophy, political science, international relations, museum and archival affairs, economics, jurisprudence) pedagogical (pedagogy, psychology, vocational training, defectology), philological (Kazakh, Russian, English) creative directions (visual arts, design, sports, culture) - incl. 56 people, domestic and foreign scientists, editors and senior secretaries of international and national journals who contributed to the development of research and social activities, were trained;

- The catalog of newspapers and magazines of Kazpost Joint-Stock Company for 2020 was shown to those present, where the magazine was issued the subscription index №76112, work is underway on cooperation with Kazakhstan and foreign higher educational institutions, scientific research institutes and centers;

- with the beginning of preparatory work for the journal to be included in the list of scientific publications of the Committee for Control in the Sphere of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the new rules and conditions for accepting articles by authors, and standards for qualified reviewing of the quality of incoming articles were approved.

-increasing the involvement of foreign specialists in research and cooperation in the development of science, education and culture.

Summing up the meeting, the editorial board unanimously endorsed the draft regulation on the «QAZAQTANÝ» republican scientific journal, which conducts scientific support for the «Rukhani Zhangyru»  program.