In order to implement the State Program of the Development and Functioning of Languages ​​in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020 yrs, on March 27, 2018, the city competition "Tildaryn-2018" was held by the "Language Training Center" of Shymkent administration.

The main task of the contest is: to identify and support able young people fluent in three languages - Kazakh, Russian, English; formation of culture of language communication;  education of poly-linguistic personalities; displaying respect for the culture and language of other nations. The program of this competition, which involved young people aged 18-22, consisted of four rounds:

  1. "Business card". In this round, participants had to introduce themselves in Kazakh, Russian, English. (The participants' self-presentation time is 3 minutes);
  2. Listening (Verbal description of a video in English, time - 5 minutes);
  3. Expressive reading of a poem in Russian (time - 5 minutes);
  4. Translation of a text (Competent translation of the provided text into Kazakh, correct and adequate transmission of the meaning of the content, time - 5 minutes).

On behalf of M.Auezov SKSU, the English language teacher of the Language Development Department:  Tursynbek Nurila Mahanbetkyzy, who was recognized as the best in nomination "Master of eloquence", was awarded valuable prize and a letter of thanks.

Congratulations to our colleague - the teacher of English: Tursynbek Nurila Mahanbetkyzy with  high achievement! We wish her future success and victories!