We invite you to take part in the work of the 2nd International Forum of Innovative Educators: "MODERN EDUCATION: CHALLENGES, TRENDS AND STRATEGIES."




Dear colleagues!

We invite you to take part in the work of the 2nd International Forum of Innovative Educators: "MODERN EDUCATION: CHALLENGES, TRENDS AND STRATEGIES."

The forum will take place on April 25-26, 2019 Shymkent, Republic of Kazakhstan

The purpose of the Forum:

generalization and promotion of professional experience, revealing the creative potential of teachers, promoting the improvement of scientific and methodological level and quality of teaching in universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Tasks of the Forum:

expansion of forms of communication and exchange of experience between higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries, support for professional growth of teachers.

The International Forum of Innovative Educators is held in the following areas:

1. Strategies for the development of education in various countries.

2. Modern innovations in education.

       To participate in the forum are invited faculty members, young scientists, doctoral students and undergraduates of universities of Kazakhstan and foreign universities, teachers of colleges and schools.

         The following competitions will be organized within the framework of the forum:

- The best educational and methodical complex discipline;

- The best textbook (tutorial);

- The best case;

- The best portfolio;

- The best electronic textbook (EMCD);

- The best multimedia presentation;

- The best video;

- exhibition of innovative developments.

Open lectures, workshops, trainings will be held.

To participate in competitions and exhibition of innovative developments presented materials developed and published in the period from September 2017 to April 2019.

The possibility of making presentations remotely via videoconference and the introduction of new competitions on the recommendation of the participants.

Articles and materials for competitions must be sent before April 15, 2019.

Address of the Organizing Committee of the Forum: 160000, Republic of Kazakhstan, Shymkent, Tauke Khan ave. 5, M.Auezov South-Kazakhstan State University. The center of methodical provision of academic programs of theDepartment of Academic Affairs: main building, 2nd floor, office - 200, Phone number of CMPAP: 8 (7252) 21-06-93,

Coordinator of the Forum is Tasybaeva Sholpan Bakibuldayevna, mob.8-701-746-10-12.

Email address:

All information is available on the website of M. Auezov SKSU,

         in social networks:


Following the results of the forum it is planned to publish a collection of materials with articles of the participants.

Arrangement fee for publication of the Forum’s proceedings is 4500 KZT.

 Bank details for payment of registration fee by transfer:

RSE on the right of economic management of SKSU named after M. Au’zova

Shymkent, 5 Tauke  Khan  Ave.

Eurasian Bank JSC

TRN 582100003432

IIC KZ 9894815KZT22032170


Code 16

BIN 990240005557


In the field “Purpose of payment” indicate “International Forum of Innovative Educators, 2019”

Be sure to send a scan copy of the receipt for the transfer of the registration fee to the email address:

Travel, meals and accommodation of the Forum participants are carried out at their own expense or at the expense of the sending organization.

Application form


at the International Forum for Educators of Innovators


April 25-26, 2019





Name of the author (co-authors)


Place of the job


Job position


Academic degree, academic title


The title of the article (report) (number and title of the direction)


Participation in competition:


1)title of competition


2) Performing On-line Demonstration lesson (specify the type of lesson, the subject)


3)participation in exhibition


4) Conducting a master class in the framework of the Forum (indicate the topic, the necessary equipment and in advance contact the organizing committee) 


5) participation in teleconference


Contact phone  




Postal address  (in case of necessity to send the collection)


Hotel reservation  (yes,no)



Requirements for the design of the article

The volume of the article is up to 3-10 pages

The page formatis A-4;

Languages - Kazakh, Russian, English

Paragraph - 1.25 cm.

Font - Times New Roman;

Font size - 11;

Fields of the text - 20 cm;

Text alignment - wide

Article File -Microsoft Word (* docx)

The structure of the article:

         The material is placed in the following order:

         - UDC;

          - in capital letters the title of the report (in bold) in the center;

         - scientific degree, surname and initials of the author (s);

         - the full name of the organization, city, country.

           - for the article in Russian - түйін and summary, for the article in the Kazakh language –резюмеand summary, for the article in English - түйін and резюме;


          Main text (introduction, results, conclusions)


The text of the article (without specifying page numbers) and the application are provided in electronic form on disk or by e-mail name must contain the surname of the first author, the article and the application are provided in one file).

The number of authors should not exceed 3 people. The name of one author should not be repeated more than three times.

The text of the article is not subject to editing and is the original. It will be typed by direct copy.

Materials that do not meet these requirements, are not accepted for publication, are not considered and materials are not returned.

We ask you to draw your attention to the need to present materials in a carefully edited form in compliance with all the above requirements, since Listed registration fees are not refundable.

A sample of an article:

  UDC (10 pt)


Innovational approaches in education: theories and methods of teaching 

(11 pt)


B. M. Assanov (11pt)

Candidate of Pedagogics, associate professor (10 pt)

M.Auezov SKSU, Shymkent, Kazakhstan (10pt)


Түйін (10 pt)


Summary(10 pt)


Main text of the report (11 pt)


         References (11 pt)