Inclusive Education

The development of an inclusive education system is one of the priorities of the State Program for the Development of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020. Inclusive education is part of the general education system and creates conditions for people with special educational needs for equal opportunities in education.

Professional development of the faculty in inclusive education is a requirement of time. The advanced training department for academic and pedagogical personnel of the Department of Academic Affairs together with the Department of Psychology and Defectology from 20 to 30 November 2018 in order to improve the qualifications of the teaching staff in inclusive education organized courses on the topic “Modern actual problems of special and inclusive education” and "New Technologies in Speech Therapy."

As a lecturer, a specialist of this industry, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Deputy Director of the Republican Center for Social Adaptation of Children (Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent) Muminova Lola Rakhimovna was invited, who conducted master classes on the development of special education and the transition to inclusive education, the development of special curricula, textbooks and teaching materials, and classes on the nature and organization of inclusive education, etc.