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Trade Union

Chairman of the Trade-union committee SKSU M. Auezova - MUSABEKOV KUANYSH ABAEVICH

Adress:  South-Kazakhstan area, Shymkent , avenue Tauke Khan 5, body N 4, каб. 123,  tel. (87252)211 -974.

            About trade-union organization employee South-Kazakhstan state university of the name M. Auezova - a branch of the Public association "South-Kazakhstan regional advice of the trade union workman formation and sciences".

The General provisions.

            The Trade-union organization employee South-Kazakhstan state university of the name M. Auezova (hereinafter - a trade-union organization employee YUKGU) - a branch of the Public association "South-Kazakhstan regional advice of the trade union workman formation and nauki"6 state relog in YUKO department to justices from 07.04.2010   8426 - 1958 - 00 (hereinafter - a regional advice of the trade union), s on production - a branch principle.

            The Decision on making the trade-union organization, in consultation with regional advice of the trade union, is taken on constituent assemblies, conferences on the initiative primary, shop trade-union organizations.

            The Protocol of the constituent assembly, conferences in десятидневный period after her(its) undertaking moves in regional advice of the trade union for stating on account.

            The Trade-union organization employee YUKGU for confession his(its) structured subdivision, by proxy regional advice passes the account registration in organ of the justices. The Account registration enables on opening of an account in bank, on seal, forms installed by regional advice of the trade union sample.

The Period to activity to trade-union organization unlimited.

            The Branch realizes its activity on base of the Constitutions of the Republic Kazakhstan, Law RK "About professional alliance", acting legislation, Charter South-Kazakhstan regional advice of the trade union workman formation and sciences and persisting Positions..

            The Trade-union organization independent in its activity from organ state and local executive authorities, economic organ, employers, political and other public association, him not accountable and not подконтролен, relations with they build in a milieau of social partnership.

The Trademark of the branch:

            On state language: 

            In russian language: Trade-union organization employee South-Kazakhstan state university of the name M. Auezova - a branch of the Public association "South-Kazakhstan regional advice of the trade union workman formation and sciences" 

            The Main purpose and problem "Trade union" are:

  • representation and protection of the rights and interest of the unionists;
  • permit of the disputable questions comparatively labor, social and other rights of the unionists;
  • consultancy and datcha recommendation its member on interesting their questions;
  • education and increasing квалификационного level of the members of the professional alliance;
  • rendering legal help member of the professional alliance;
  • protection of the rights and interest workman YUKGU im. M. Auezova;
  • rendering material and other financial help member professional alliance, action on cultural and atheletic-sanitary work;
  • assistance in ensuring the favourable medical servicing the members of the professional alliance;
  • organization of the favourable rest of the members of the professional alliance and members their family. The Cooperation with other professional alliance and their associations and other juridical persons is realized on base social partnership, equality and mutual respect.

            The Direct realization integer "Trade union" is realized by means of collective agreement and the other agreements, taken with participation concerned party. "Trade union" directly participates in preparation and undertaking social-cultural and atheletic-sanitary action, conducted in university. For achievement authorized integer "Trade union" on decision of the Conferences can unite under their free will in assotiations (the alliances) with other public associations of the Republic Kazakhstan. "Trade union" solves and the other problems, not discordant legislation of the Republic Kazakhstan and Charter. "Trade union" counts in their own rows 3875 members - a workman of the university. The Composition of the trade-union committee is elected from 15 persons. January 10 2011г. is comprised According to charter Collective Agreement for three-year period. In him trade-union committee is a single representative of the whole labor group of the university, including workman, not being member "Trade union". The Trade-union committee realizes supervision for move of the performing the Collective agreement. It Per annum is once conducted joint meeting of the trade-union committee and ректората with agenda about move of the performing the collective agreement. "Trade union" on equitable basis and mutual confession Charter is a branch of the Regional Advice trade union workman of the formation and sciences South-Kazakhstan area since October 01 2011г. Trade-union committee as executive organ.

            The Trade union builds its work according to Charter, positions and decisions to trade-union conference and confirmed plan of the work. The Meetings of the trade-union committee are conducted on measure of need, but not less 1 times at month.

            At trade-union committee work commission about on production- mass activity, about on organizing questions, about on housing-home questions, about on work amongst womans, about on cultural-mass work, about on atheletic-sanitary work, about on guard of the labour workman university, about on check of labor discipline, which work on confirmed by trade-union committee plan and report before him about its work. On meeting of the trade-union committee the activity reports each of 18 trade-union agencies of the subdivisions of the university, commissions of the trade-union committee, questions about safe term of the labour, functioning(working) the medical items and institutions of the public feeding; are taken the decisions on organizations action, rest workman and members their family, undertaking to next trade-union conference, beliefs about награждении, rendering material help;  statements and complaints workman are considered about; the decisions Scientist Advice and ректората university are discussed.

            The Chairman of the trade-union committee is a member scientist advice and ректората university, takes part in work plenum obl.soveta trade union. The Members of the trade-union committee take part in functioning(working) the university commissions on competitive замещению job titles professorial-teaching composition, on recommendation of the additions to salary, advice of the university on preventive maintenance of the offenses and fight with corruption and other commissions. The Trade-union committee assists successful execution by group of the taken obligations in scholastic - production, scientific and воспитательной to sphere of the work. To this effect closely co-operates with all structure of the university, as well as with advice veteran, committee on deals youth, feminine advice, small ассамблеей folk university. The Trade-union committee is one of the initiator of the making the voluntary atheletic club of the university "Sunkar". For organization of the rest workman and scholastic practical persons student with ректоратом creates the necessary terms in scholastic - a sanitary centre Technologist in  Mashat.

            For the reason preventive maintenances of health employee trade-union committee selects in medical institutions of the pass needing for treatment. "Trade union" and managament of the university contribute to area labor, social-economic and professional relations on base of the co-ordination mutual interest parties.

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