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Republican Students’ Movement “Kazakhstan Students’ Alliance”

South Kazakhstan State University named after M. Auezov

«Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan»


Chairman of  «Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan»  Ussimova Margaret Kaldybekovna
address: SKO, Shymkent South Kazakhstan State University M.Auezov main building 107 cab.
 phone number:  +7-702-253-91-51








     Achieving this goal is accomplished by the following objectives :.
 Ensuring the protection of the rights and interests of the students of the country.



Achieved through constant monitoring of socio-economic and domestic situation among students, as well as organizing raids in the student dormitories, cafeterias, libraries and clinics, the data and mechanisms for the resolution be sent to the relevant authorities. In the absence of effective action by the competent structures information is sent to higher authorities.
2. Formation and development of a sense of patriotism among students.
ASA should always be carried out work on the development of specific mechanisms, methods of formation and improvement of the Kazakh model of patriotism through conferences, seminars, workshops, forums, meetings, round tables, as well as the organization of student cultural events (concerts, caravans, Drink, and so on. n.) for the development and support of young talents.
3.Formirovanie anti-corruption culture among students.
Legal literacy of students planned to raise through large-scale information campaigns (production and distribution of various types of printing products: posters, stickers, calendars, booklets, etc.), the release of information and thematic audio and video clips; Organization survey, the launch of "hotline", "hot" electronic mailbox "Mailbox of trust" in universities and Susa. For a more productive work is possible to conclude a number of agreements with the state authorities (in particular, the financial police) for the implementation of system projects "Operation session."
4. The development of intellectual potential of the students.
In this area it is planned to conclude mutually beneficial agreements, memorandums, contracts and other. Documents designed to address specific problems to promote and support student initiatives in the field of science. The organization of such projects as "Intellectual Olympiad" Student of the 21st century "," Student of the Year "and others., Holding scientific conferences, forums, publishing collections of scientific publications, etc.
5. Formation of a healthy lifestyle among students.
Implementation of the students of the motto "Healthy people - successful person." An information campaign with the release of polygraphic production and thematic video; sporting events, flash mob actions and raids to identify the facts the sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products to minors.
6. The improvement of internal and external interaction ASA.
Particular attention will be paid to work on the interaction between the departments of ASA, establishing working contacts with government agencies, commercial entities, the various institutions of civil society and international organizations.
The history of the Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan. In January 2005, at a meeting of the Minister of Education and Science with the country's youth group of students expressed readiness of the organization united student movement. In February, the initiative group carried out organizational work, developed teaching materials on the formation of the structure of the new movement. Meetings have been held in universities, representatives of public associations. A strategy for action.
March 15 at the International Press Center in Astana held a press conference with the participation of students metropolitan universities. They made an open statement of intent to create a republican student movement "Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan." March 16 they were supported by the students of Almaty, 17 - Karaganda, Kostanay and Shymkent, 18 - Aktyubinsk. First of all, the students decided to carry out in the country's universities open and fair elections, the leaders of the new movement, have developed specific recommendations and sent them to all higher education institutions of the country. At the same time a letter was sent to the Minister of Education and Science to support their desire for unity. The initiative was approved.
Since March 20, began the election of leaders of the Alliance of Kazakhstan students in universities.
By April 10 the first stage traffic control infrastructure has been formed, elected leaders of groups, faculties, universities.
The goals, direction, and the main objectives of.
The main goal of the Republican student movement "Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan" (hereinafter - ASA) is the formation of public notoriety ASA as an organization really decisive legal, socio-economic and everyday problems of students and actively participates in the development of independent Kazakhstan.





Директор молодежного центра                Исахов М.



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