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Faculty for work with foreign student and before high school preparation

The dean of faculty


Sejdehan Alibek Nurmahanovich


The doctor of historical sciences


Address: 1 K. Ryskulbekova street, the education building № 13

 Phone: 8 (7252) 21-33-47




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General information

   Faculty for work with foreign student and before high school preparation was created on December, 29th, 2004 on the strength of Decision University’s Academic board.

   The faculty carries out a spade work in 11 subjects of Unified National Test (UNT) and complex testing, educational, upbringing work among listeners of paid preliminary courses, listeners of preliminary courses for representatives Kazakh citizens (diaspora) from foreign countries and home-coming citizens (oralmans), listeners of preliminary courses for foreign citizens.

   The faculty carries out preparation of schools, lyceums, gymnasiums leavers to studying in higher educational institutions, by the preliminary courses organization on learning Kazakh or Russian languages, mathematics, history of Kazakhstan, general history, geography, the Kazakh literature, physics, chemistry, biology, English language and other general l subjects and special disciplines depending on a specialty which listeners want to receive.



    The faculty carries out work in 4th directions:

    1. Work with the foreign students which studying at university.

    2. Preliminary courses for representatives of Kazakh citizens (diaspora) from foreign countries and home-coming citizens (oralmans).

    3. Preliminary courses for foreign citizens on a paid basis.

    4. Organization work of preliminary courses for pupils of local schools.

    The main tasks of paid preliminary courses are:

    Organization of preparation of foreign citizens to studying in higher educational institutions of Republic of Kazakhstan, by the learning the subjects which incoming in the list of disciplines on Unified National Test (UNT) in depending from specialty which they want to receive;

    The organization and carrying out of educational work, acquaintance them with traditions, customs and culture of Kazakhstan’s people, and with rules and regulations of educational establishment, laws and standard acts of Republic of Kazakhstan among foreign citizens;

    Visa support of foreign citizens.


The basic functions and problems

   The strategic target of department development consists of ensuring conditions for full-bodied development and self-realization of student's youth personal qualities, capable of bring the worthy contribution to society development.

    Realization of faculty’s aim is based on solving the following problems:

    - Preservation the unity and integrity social-activity circle of students’ faculty;

    The organization and carrying out of educational work with foreign students, acquaintance them with the style of life, traditions, customs and culture of different nations and with rules and regulations of educational establishment, laws and standard acts of Republic of Kazakhstan ;

    - The development of different forms of collaboration in faculty with educational institutions in training of listeners;

    - Participation in process completing students and listeners in SKSU, carrying out career-guidance works among schoolchildren and population.


The Academic staff of faculty

    The teaching activity is engaged candidates of sciences and skilled teachers in preliminary courses of faculty. At the lessons are used module technologies for all disciplines, interactive methods of training, virtual works and open lessons for the porpoise of increasing the knowledge level of listeners.



Student's life

    The students, who have arrived from abroad, participate in creative activity of faculty. Our compatriots differ with good abilities in writing poetry and songs. Their compositions are published in local and republican printing editions, songs are broadcast on TV.

   The great attention is given to involving foreign students in social life of university. Students of faculty participate in republican and international competitions where often take up prize-winning places. The faculty brings contribution into fund of university’s achievements upbringing talented youth. For examples student Amiraliyev Atabek from Uzbekistan is a prize-winner of international tournaments on Judo.

    It is necessary to note participation of students and listeners in faculty‘s mass cultural events. For example, Altay Bakber from People’s Republic of China took up prize-winning places many times at different competitions.




    The ethnic Kazakhs living abroad, to keep custom, language and culture of Kazakh people, demonstrates their descendants who study at our university. For example, the youth from China performed beautifully Kazakh dance “Khara zhorga” and sings perfectly Kazakh songs. Exactly this youth has kept cleanliness of Kazakh language, shows great interest to Kazakh literature. And Kazakhs from Mongolia had brought the samples of ancient Kazakh national ornament, and have brought great contribution in addition exhibits of traditional Kazakh crafts.

    Student’s Board functions as a member of student’s activity under the chairmanship of student’s dean in department. Meetings are spent weekly, where actively discussed and solved problems of student’s life, concerning their studying, residence in hostels, creative life and propagation healthy style of life.


The applicants

    Faculty for work with foreign student and before high school preparation in Kazakhstan is available only in SKSU named after M. Auezov.

    Citizens from 12 countries are studied at the present time in the faculty:

    People’s Republic of China











    United Arab Emirates

    Also students and listeners from Mongolia, Iran were studied at faculty.

    Each year an increasing number of students coming from countries China, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. There are 300 listeners from People’s Republic of China, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan countries were accepted on preparatory section in 2012-2013 academic years, and in the 2013-2014 academic year, the number reached 384 listeners.

    Training and testing on each subjects is spent on the base of test materials which prepared by the national centre of state standard. The peculiarities of faculty consist of privileges that are provided for foreign citizens and persons of Kazakh nationality living in abroad.

    Preliminary courses for pupils of local schools have achieved great successes and became known at republican level. Skilled teachers from city‘s schools are invited for carrying out of lessons.

    Educational and upbringing work with foreign students is spent at 11 faculties on all specialties. Registration foreign citizens and visa support is realized by the faculty according to standard documents of Republic of Kazakhstan. There are 636 students from 12 countries are studied at the faculty now.

    Work of preliminary courses for representatives of Kazakh citizens (diaspora) from abroad begins in October. Lessons are spent on 11disciplines of Unified National Test. In the rate of 12950 tenges listeners monthly receive scholarship. They are provided by free textbooks, educational and methodical materials, and a hostel and also have free possibility to use the Internet and sports gyms of university.

    The work of preliminary courses for foreign citizens is carried out at the faculty. The term of study is 6 months. Tuition fee is 172 000 tenges. Foreign nationals wishing to study on a paid course gives  classes in Russian language, history of Kazakhstan, mathematics, world history. At faculty foreign citizens were trained of the near and far abroad as Syria, Turkey, Turkmenistan, the People's Republic of China, Tajikistan, Iran.

    The work on teaching Unified National Test’s (UNT) subjects and complex testing is spent on department’s preliminary courses for city’s schoolchildren. The sum for learning 3 subjects (Kazakh language, history of Kazakhstan and mathematics) amount to - 8650 tg. For 1 month, on profile disciplines (geography, chemistry, biology, physics, literature, general history, foreign language and etc.) - 2600 tg. The Total sum for studying amount to 11 250 tg. (4 subjects). Pupils from city’s schools, who teaching on preliminary courses, are noted for their good successes and achievements in study. The level of training schoolchildren on courses confirmed with good knowledge and results of work. Listeners of a preparatory course in most cases (95 %) arrive on the grant in higher educational institutions.

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