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Development strategy of SKSU

Strategic plan of M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University development for 2011-2015


         1. Mission and vision of the university
         Mission: Formation of modern research-educational environment in which the training of highly qualified HR on the principles of close integration of science, education and innovations is being realized.
         Vision on the university: SKSU is an innovative university, that effectively implements the instructional, research and educational activity on the basis of the Bologna process principles. SKSU visions itself as an innovative center of scientific instructional services, providing transfer of technologies and knowledge, oriented on commercialization of results of scientific research and developments.     
         2. Strategic directions of the HEI activity
         Strategy of M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University development for 2011-2015 includes a complex of mutually connected directions in higher education – the system of HEI management, HR potential, instructional process, research activity, educational process, information-communication systems and material resources.  
Through the modernization of the training system a task is set to satisfy the growing demands of the labour market in training specialists of high professional and intellectual level.
  • Strategic directions of M.Auezov SKSU development are the following:
  • increase of competitiveness of Kazakhstan in economic space through modernization of training system and research on the basis of innovative technologies;  
  • introduction of European standards of education through enabling the election of content form and teaching methods to every learner;
  • provision of polyfunctionality of the university with a wide range of the specialities and specializations, including social, humanitarian and natural sciences;
  • orientation on priority trends of science, high-tech and innovative sector in economy;
  • high level of information openness and integration into international area of education and research;
  • formation of a special intellectual environment, specific research engineering and training space which is filled up by the infrastructure of the innovative subdivisions in the university;
  • striving for leadership in south region, in the country in general and also striving for recognition;
  • improving the image in world scientific and educational community;
         3. Goals and tasks
         Goals: establishment on the basis of SKSU of an innovative university as a unified research-educational and innovative complex to train highly qualified  creative thinking HR who can generate cutting-edge knowledge, constantly self improve, increase intellectual capital for innovative economy of the country.
The realization of the development program requires to solve a number of tasks according to the main directions of activity with the consideration of the priorities of the university development.
         In the sphere of educational services:
1) Cardinal improvement of the current system of education, development of multi level system of specialists’ training on the basis of integration of education, science and production;
2) Enhancement of the teaching process quality with the aim to satisfy demands of South Kazakhstan and the republic in highly qualified HR in the field of engineering, agriculture, economy and business , culture;
3) Renewal and improvement of education content on the basis of competence approach and strengthening the preparation depth, harmonization of teaching process and research;
4) Providing the opportunities to get additional education taking into account the current needs of labour market, based on the employment of distant learning;
5) Creating conditions for academic mobility of the teachers and students according to Bologna process: expansion of international exchanges, increase, growth of trainees number according to “Bolashak” program;
6) Development of innovative educational environment based on the integration of knowledge that has been got during the fulfillment of scientific research, experimental construction and innovative entrepreneurial works of high level;
7) Broad introduction of new IT into education, extension of on-line training, improvement of teachers’ qualification, growth of the level of the work in corporative and global networks;
8) Introduction of innovative methods of teaching into the teaching process, strengthening the role of self-directed work of trainees and improvement of the control of students knowledge on all the stages of teaching;
9) Introduction of dual diploma programs, joint training of Master’s and Doctor’s PhD, extension of training specialists in study programs in foreign languages; involving great specialists with practical experience and scientists from academic institutes into the teaching process
10) Improvement of forms and ways of vocational guidance work that provide effective enrollment of students and post-graduate students;
11) Attraction of business for financing the teaching talented youth and invitation of foreign scientists to carry out research and teaching as invited professor (VIP) on principles of public private partnership.
         In research-technological and innovative sphere:
1) Formation of new scientific schools according to priority trends of science: nanotechnology and new materials; biotechnology; geology; geophysics; nuclear technologies and technologies of renewable energetics; information and space technologies; processing of hydrocarbon raw material and petrochemistry; mechanics, technology and design of light industry items; technology of food industry, namely;
2) Providing participation of the university staff in creating science intensive technologies, new innovative projects and productions  
3) Creating conditions for total innovative trend of training HR and improvement of HR policy, considering age and qualification peculiarities and characteristics of the research pedagogical staff;
4) Extension of partner links with foreign organizations, leading HEIs and research institutions of near and far countries to create international research teams and consortia to realize joint research in the field of fundamental and applied issues;
5) Creating an optimal system of innovative activity management of the university, commercialization of scientific research and developments, directed at dynamic development of the university and provision of financial sustainability;
6) Provision of priority development of fundamental and applied research, orientation of scientific developments on the demands of regional and international markets;
7) Creating conditions for developing science involving Kazakhstan and foreign resources;
8) Increasing the volume of fulfilled research work together with the enterprises and regional techno-park;
9) Developing the network of specialized small science intensive enterprises and mini-production that work of the university basis;
10) Development of international collaboration in the field of science and high-tech, search of new forms of interaction of science and production;
11) Active involvement of business structures for financing scientific research, introduction of innovative projects into production;
12) Involvement of business for financing, invitation of foreign scientists to participate in forming new priority trends or research.
In the sphere of youth policy:
1) Introduction of achievements of foreign educational institutions and cutting-edge research-methodical experience to bring up intellectual elite and to form personalities that are patriots of the country;
2) Provision of wide access of students to world information and educational resources;
3) Organization of active students participation in research events of various level, among them out of Kazakhstan (Olympiads, competitions, conferences, etc.);
4) Formation and highly moral, deeply developed personality, competitive specialist, obtaining creative thinking and leadership qualities;
5) Development of personality spirituality, ideas of humanism, interethnic and interconfessional accordance in the spirit of Kazakhstan patriotism;
6) To implant the students the principles of civilized behavior in society, habits of healthy style life, up-bringing conviction in the necessity to go in for sports and PC regularly;
7) To realize the tasks within the framework of the national programs “Intellectual nation 2020” in strengthening national-cultural values, morality of young generation;
8) Development of students self government system through the activity of Students Council and students trade union at the faculties in the university as the bases of building civic democratic society in Kazakhstan;
9) Enhancement of social living conditions in dormitories and quality of students catering, provision of social protection and students’ support;
10) Counteraction to dissemination of political, religious and national extremism among the students;
         In the sphere of developing material technical resources:
1) Creation of favourable conditions of financing and material technical equipment to provide a high level for carrying out instruction laboratory practical works, realization of fundamental and applied scientific research;
2) Development of modern experimental basis, establishment of research laboratories, corresponding to priorities of science development, provided with modern equipment oriented on training highly professional specialists and developing science intensive technologies;
3) Improvement of information, communication system of the university, integrated into the global information space;
4) Development of infrastructure of corporative network of the university (Increase of carrying capacity and reliability of connection channels, number and power of network servers and etc);
5) Employment of computer engineering means and IT to modernize the research organization and teaching activity;
6) Extension and efficient use of opportunities of budgetary and extrabudgetary sources of financing;
7) Optimization of economy regime of university resources and optimization of expenditure budget;
8) Provision of financial support for business-structures to develop material technical facilties of modern laboratory equipment and devices;  
9) Wide use of sponsored support of members of University Alumni Association;
10) Active participation in creating new organization departments in accordance with the state program of education development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020.     


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