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Club "Dostyk"

Safina Yukdasheva

Chairman of the club "Dostyk"

Address: South Kazakhstan , Shymkent ,
South Kazakhstan State
University of M.Auezov ,
main building (building number 7) , cab.107
E-mail Address :




Inter-ethnic accord -guarantor of stable development of the country. Peace and unity , our main wealth .
For the purpose of cross-fertilization of different national cultures in the university since 2003, operates its own Assembly of Peoples . Renamed in 2012 in a club called "Dostyk" , which is composed of representatives of the 27- nationalities.

Political course of the club "Dostyk" is - to ensure equal rights of students of different nationalities , cultural development, preservation of languages ​​, traditions and customs of every nation.
Members of the club "Dostyk" take an active part in various activities , not only within the university, the city, but also the region as a whole .

The purpose of the club - to unite and rally young students of different nationalities , to cultivate in students the spirit of internationalism , tolerance, respect for the language and the culture , traditions and customs of each other
The aim of our club is to conduct activities to get acquainted with the national culture of different peoples , the development of young students the ability to see and understand the situation from the point of view of other nationalities , the development of the student of international cooperation , as an alternative to war and violence.

University students are actively involved in the activities of youth groups ethno-cultural associations of the regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan .
With our help, you can:
- find new and loyal friends ;
- learn the skills of charisma ( eloquence )
- learn more about the history, traditions and culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan ;
- explore the traditions and cultures of other countries;
- learn the native language as well as to paint your life with bright dances of his people !
- to show their creativity , to show their talents , realize their potential and ideas ;
- diversify the student life and to take an active role in it.

After all, the club "Dostyk" very directly involved in the organization of such events as the " Maslenica ", " Nauryz " Day of Unity of Peoples of Kazakhstan , the Day of the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan , the Day of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan , the Day of the languages ​​of Kazakhstan 's Day, the first president of Kazakhstan, Independence Day and many other events.

Members of the club also actively involved in conducting and participating in "round tables" , conferences, competitions , trainings and sections .
Protection of cultural and spiritual values ​​, involvement in youth it is one of the most important conditions for maintaining harmony and stability of society. This is the main objective of the club "Dostyk" SKSU name M.Auezova !
We invite all the students in the club "Dostyk "!

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