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“Student Council"

Student Self-Government of Student Council

Address: Shymkent, Tauke Khan, 5,  main building, kab #107

Phone : : 8(775) 786 86 43





Yeszhan Talgat Kazbekuly

Students’ Rector

Phone: 8 (775) 786 86 43






The purpose of "Student Council"

• The main activities of the student council is to create conditions for a fruitful, comprehensive development and enhancing students.

• Identifying problems faced by students in learning processes.
• Active participation of youth in the socio - political life of the city, region and country.
• Identify and develop leadership skills among the students.
• Warning, suppression, prevention of extremism, chauvinism, anti-constitutional ideas among young people.
• Propaganda healthy living, self-education, the desire to be the best.
• Promotion of patriotism for the country, humanity, tolerance discipline, responsibility in students.

• Development of the legal culture and the fight against legal nihilism.
• To promote unity, friendship and consolidation among the students.
• Representation and protection of economic, social and cultural interests of students.
• The organization and implementation of measures for using the comprehensive leisure of youth in Kazakhstan.
• Development and implementation of programs aimed at the resolution of social, legal and cultural problems of students.
• Identification of gifted students and helping them to create the necessary conditions for the disclosure of their abilities.
• Close cooperation with universities and information centers with the media city, regional and national scale.


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