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Чтение лекций ППС ЮКГУ в зарубежном вузе в рамках программы Эразмус+

Заведующая кафедрой «Английского языкознания» к.ф.н., Карбозова Гульнара Кумисбековнав рамках программы Эразмус КА107 была отобрана в конкурсе на преподавательскую мобильность университетом-партнером –Кадис(Испания). В результате, в период с 22 по 29 мая 2016 года Карбозова Г.К. прочитала курс по «Лингвокультурологии» на факультете Словесности и философии Университета Кадис для международных студентов. Курс, посвященный вопросам культурной концептуализации, отражаемой в языке, вызвал большой интерес среди испанских и других международных студентов. Карбозова Г.К. была отмечена дипломом администрацией Университета Кадис за высокий профессионализм. 

Yrysbibi Seidulla (3rd year student, Foreign languages), mobility to Alexandru I.C. University Iasi.


I`ve always wanted to go on Erasmus, I always wanted to go study abroad. I passed my document to the Alexandru I.C. University, and I won a scholarship. The first day I was a little bit scared, like oh my God, where am I? Everywhere you go it`s like the studies are so different and the people are so different. When I come here I was a little bit lost because of you are not in your country. You lost your habits, all your friends, all your environment. So you have to learn how to enter this situation. To learn a lot of things about different people, a lot of culture. So at first you`ll meet a lot of people everyday and a lot of new faces and new names to remember. Iasi is amazing place as a city, you have really nice places, and I will travel.

Erasmus is something that you can still keep like a memory of like experience that you gained. You learn a lot of things and I think that I`m really looking forward to keep this status of mind, when I go back to my country.

Визит доктора Ирины Билан в ЮКГУ им. М. Ауэзова из Университета им. А. Кузы (Яссы, Румыния) в рамках ERASMUS+

   В период с 5 по 8 апреля 2016 года в рамках мобильности, осуществляемой по проекту ERASMUS+ с Ясским Университетом им. А. Кузы (г. Яссы, Румыния), в ЮКГУ им. М. Ауэзова доктор Ирина Билан прочитала курс лекций по теме «International Finances». Лекции имели большой успех у слушателей  - студентов и преподавателей Факультета Экономики и Финансов.

Гостью ознакомили с деятельностью всего факультета, научно-исследовательской работой проводимой в ЮКГУ им. М. Ауэзова и, конечно, договорились о дальнейшем сотрудничестве и издании совместных публикаций в зарубежных изданиях.

Студенты имели возможность пообщаться с доктором Билан и в неформальной обстановке – познакомить ее с достопримечательностями Шымкента и культурой Казахстана в целом.

Appazov Nurdos (2-nd year student, Economics), mobility to university of Cadiz, Spain


I hadn’t no idea about Erasmus+ programme. But when I heard, I decided to participate in this programme. I passed my documents to University of Cadiz through academic mobility department of SKSU and I won grant.

First day it was interesting to know another country, peoples, cultures. I quickly got used to life in Cadiz and Erasmus life. I have met interesting people from different countries. I visited different beautiful places in Spain and Europe.

I will never forget these wonderful days with name Erasmus life students.

Viktoriya Pachaji (3rd year student, primary education) mobility to University of Deusto

My name is Viktoriya, and I was lucky to take part in the Erasmus +

I always wanted to study abroad, and finally this dream come true! Spain - a beautiful country! I passed my document to the University of Deusto and I won a scholarship.The University is situated in a very picturesque town of Bilbao. The first time I was strange, a different country, a different language and a completely different system of education. However, over time, I felt so comfortable here that I felt at home.

I am very grateful for both Universities for such an excellent opportunity to study here. I have made friends from all over the world and I have to know the culture of Spain. There is still a lot of interesting projects and travel and perhaps this will be the most incredible and unforgettable experience in my life!

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